Outdoor Gas Heater (Mushroom Brown)

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Outdoor Mushroom Gas Heater is ineffective because a considerable amount of heat is lost through the top of the metal cap of the reflector. The average heater is 9 to 17 square meters and will stay at the radiator to feel comfortable. It takes up to two minutes to start the heat. Upscale heater mushrooms are heavy and extremely difficult to move, while cheaper options are too light and unstable, which can create security problems. Due to the shape of mushroom heaters, they can be covered with strong winds. An alternative, common solution for natural gas heating is to have accessories on the ground. Stainless steel / bronze powder coated steel mushroom heaters are used in hotel , restaurants, weddings and other events. It has anti tilt switch with cover and wheels included. Propane and butane gas/LPG needed as a fuel. It’s an automatic shut off device.

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